Love & Imitation

there must be a way for us to understand you and i…

5:24 PM

“If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us” – DANIEL 3:17

I often read this when I’m at my lowest, when my anxiety and hopelessness are at their peak. I read this knowing that He is watching over me, and that He will not let any real or imagined “blazing fire” devour me. It gives me strength and a sense of calmness to face things that I’m never in control of.

What is life, without faith?



I never wondered where your heart beat.

No matter how far, I’d always hear it chime.

Like the rattling of a moving train,

The tick-tock of a watch.

The rhythmic tapping of raindrops on a roof,

The steady drip of coffee.

Our distance reminded me always,

That you are there.

Now I see you, standing here in front of me.

There is nothing –

Only silence.

Simple Things

So delicious. So happy. So what a restless heart needs.

I love buying little things that are weird and wonderful.

So, here’s to you – Coconut Water with a Splash of Mango. You’re today’s little burst of the unknown



Being on a plane is nice.

The incessant buzz of the engines

The thrill of the temporary escape

The place where everyone is a perfect stranger.

I like planes;

Much more than I like the people who ride them.

9:10 PM

What kind of love would it be

If it didn’t destroy you, completely.

6:50 PM

Crisps packets

Chocolate wrappers

Cheese-stained serviettes –

The evidence of what has been a most

Unproductive day.

My fingers still covered in the tart sugar of

Sour neon crawlers

My mouth, parched and

Ashamed at all the havoc it has caused.

Too scared to pull back the curtains and get out of bed,

This is the eulogy of a life left unled.

2:30 PM

I watched an old lady climb the stairs today.

Viney varicose veins and swollen ankles

Stained blue tshirt-dress and sun-kissed plastic slippers.

Faded grocery bag:

Red onions and a few cans of soup.

I watched her

Gripping, leaning, labouring, shaking.

She reached the top, swung her shopping over her shoulder

Panted and laughed out loud.

I watched her

Sharing a moment, a joke, with no one except herself

I watched her


I bounded up the stairs in one breath

I stood at my door, fumbling for my keys.

Thank God she never once turned around,

She would have seen me cry.